Elin Rigby – By my side from Jean-Paul Bastiaans on Vimeo.

On this site you’ll not find me. You’ll only find things from the past, things merely forgotten. This era of post-captialism forces me to once again lurk in the shadows. With that I leave you; until you find me.

Best regards,

Animal one from superficialberlin on Vimeo.

Vapnet – Prolog (eng. title The Gun Chapters – Prologue, 2007) from Emilio El-Lauren on Vimeo.

Now I am all inside of you,
I am not,
Just like eight inside of one,

Now, you all shine;
I am not

Darkness on the shoulder,
He is coming back,
Said; why pity the lost children?
They themselves chose to be forsaken,
– That’s why.

I decided myself thru misery;
It makes me glad to suffer,
– For the decadence!
This; all in the constant cries from old gods,
All dead,
Still here,
They punish me as much as they give me love,
I like it as much as some people that are preaching for the sun;
(while intimidated by the moon)
I preach for darkness and blood rain,

Cunts and drugs,
Wine and love,
Deep and hate,
Trumpets carving your right ear,

Love thyself and fuck your-
self ,

Please dear fairy, give me one more —
The last to suffocate the spleen of a rider,
My horse is tired and I am illmatic

So, hear my command:
Please dear, sweetest of all queens,
Give me one more drink
Before my sore throat starts making an echo of violence
Just before the songs of thunder returns to give a lecture,
All in fire and all in ice,
An echo
Of violence

Anakoreten (eng. title The solitary man, 2008) from Emilio El-Lauren on Vimeo.

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